Strategy at a Glance


Our Focus

We work with selected High Schools in the public education system by supporting learners, educators and school leadership towards improving the quality of teaching and learning. Our learners are provided with academic and non-academic support.

Our academic programme offers the following:

Al our schools are supported with an ICTs ecosystem that includes the following:

Our non-curricular programme includes:


3 Phased Strategy


1. High Scool
Integrated High School learner. Supplementary Math, Science and English and psycho social support.

2. Post Schooling
Comprehensive wrap around post schooling learner support. Provide workplace exposure and guidance re navigating post school pathways.

3. Placements
Placements through learnerships, internships and Enterprise Development.





Schools in disadvantaged communities

2017: 5 schools, 935 Grade 8 learners in Gauteng
2017 – 2022: Approximately 3000 Grade 8-12 learners, Gauteng and Eastern Cape
2022 - onwards: Scalable education solution for national implementation
Subject Focus








Our Multifaceted Approach




Developing attitudes and attributes
for future success:
Adding value to teaching:
In delivering on our strategy we have partnered with the following stakeholders