Giving from the Heart


Giving form the Heart, our employee payroll volunteerism initiative, reached new heights in the 2017 financial as we broadened our base of employee volunteers by more than 30%, which is a 64% increase in donations from employees. The enthusiastic response to our drive to increase contributors was heart-warming. The initiative gives employees the opportunity to make a difference through the voluntary deduction from their salary monthly. This is paid directly into The Giving Organisation Trust account, which supports some of South Africa’s most reputable charities. The regular donations provide financial security that underpins the sustainability of these organizations.

The Giving Organization charities are representative of areas of need in South Africa society. These include:

During the year, Telkom was awarded Diamond status for their outstanding involvement and contributions to the benefiting charities of The Giving Organisation Trust.

The prestigious award makes Telkom a trailblazer, as a corporate that makes significant monetary contributions through the means of Payroll Giving. The incentive awards programme is categorised by four tier levels and is presented to participating Payroll Giving companies based on the number of employees and the size of the company. The categories include from Emerald at entry level, Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond as the highest status level. Telkom raised the bar by becoming the first participating company to achieve the highest status in the programme.

The Diamond status is awarded to companies that employ 1000 employees and more and contribute more than R250 000.00 per quarter.